30 November, 2012

Birthday Poem for Ayuni

Today is Ayuni a.k.a Ladygreen's birthday. I am not very sure how old is she. But hopefully this entry not too late to wish you a Happy Birthday, hoping that all your wishes comes true.

On your birthday,
I’m thinking about how much light and sparkle
You freely dispense wherever you go,
How your sunny smile lights up any gathering.
Every birthday marks 
Another year of you radiating positive, 
Happy energy,
Contagious happiness
That infects all who come in contact with you.
May your next birthday find you the same
Glowing from within,
Beaming bright joy on everyone you meet.
I feel blessed to know you.

:) singah sini lagi ya.jangan lupa komen tau (:


intanfirdaus247 said...

sweetnya ur poem..:)

Solehah Shamsuddin said...

Happy birthday Ayuni

Chic Na said...

best poem ni. ;)

Miss N™ said...

HB ayuni...

Cik Ai said...

hepi besday Ayuni :)

Wanieys a.k.a IbuQalief said...

HB Ayuni :-)...wah siap poem2 lg tu eheee

Unknown said...

tengah tggu ayuni baca...dia x mai pun lagi..hihi

9n0L4 said...

sonokla ayuni. sume org wish bday die. :)

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